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Enhancing Home Health Monitoring: A Case Study on Elevating Tether's UX

The Results
  • Landed NZ housing partnership
  • Went onto to get 1.7 Million seed funding
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The Brief

We needed to build out the Tether product as they did not have an easy way for managers to add, setup and monitor their properties. They needed a clear dashboard to setup and view property measures information.

Project Summary

Tether was built to monitor, manage and enable the healthiness of indoor living environments, such as property management companies, state housing, schools, landlords, and tenants' real-time information on the performance of their respective buildings and the potential health risks experienced by its occupants. We provided User interviews, Competitor analysis, User testing, Prototyping, UI design, and UX strategyx


We started by looking at competitors in the same space with similar products to learn from.

User flow and use cases

We spoke in detail with the Tether team to understand who needed to use the product and what features mattered to who. We used high-level and detailed user flows to plan out the experience with feedback from the product team. We organised an information hierarchy based on user goals.


We created fidelity wireframes to plan the design and built this into working prototypes to walk through with the team. Low fidelity wireframes brought the user flows to life and were then used to create a prototype for testing.

User testing:
We took 3 of the target users through the prototype to further validate the designs. Below, you can see that we map out the feedback and then create themes based on that to inform the design amends. Each session is recorded and shared with the team.

Develop & Prototype

High fidelity wireframes and prototype

Once we had feedback from our target users, we amended the designs and created the high fidelity look and feel. The design was also driven by brand guidelines from Tether but involved lots of new design assets made for the dashboards. We did further user testing to finalise our designs for development.


We had successfully put the idea through each stage of our design process to be tested, proven, and ready for development. We then created handover files for Tethers developers with working prototypes and user flows to show how the experience pins together.

The Results

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UserXD put the user at the centre of the process and made smart design choices. We would highly recommend them for product design and UX.”
Brandon van Blerk
CEO, Tether

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