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Fit Code

The brief

Fitcode came to us with a product that was already in development, what they found out was the design and user experience was not going well. Poor UX strategy up front had cost them time and money developing the wrong features. We helped them refine what was critical and slim down the product to an MVP.

Problem statement

Personal trainers need an app that works across desktop, tablet and mobile to organise and deliver training and communication and store details digitally for users.


Gym users

Personal trainers

club organisers

club managers


to reimagine the current experience that allowed trainers to deliver programs and track workouts for their clients via an app and an admin view on desktop that supported the design.


Gyms were still using paper and file cabinets, users did not have ability to easily track progress and see their training programs. The current experience was hard to use and had no clear roadmap or strategic vision.

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