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Pepi Ora

Digitally guiding NZ mothers through their pregnancy.

The Results
  • Delivered a new design in short timespan
  • Funding for the project achieved
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The Brief

As part of the Vodafone foundation we did a 2 week sprint with Ngati Porou Hauora to help get the basics of their product off the ground and in a position for the next round of funding.

The Solution

We worked in partnership with Vodafone to create an app for mothers that need help through their pregnancy and birth in New Zealand. The idea is they earn points for health visits that can then be exchanged for goods and services. Pepi Ora has been co-designed to support young families to make a positive difference in their children's lives and future.


We sat down with all the key stakeholders and did in-depth interviews to really understand the product and most importantly understand who the users are what there pain points might be.

In this phase, we set up:

  • Competitor Analysis to check out other baby apps in the market.
  • Persona’s and use cases to visualize the user group.


Through our research we developed a few tools to help us better understand the users and their needs.

We set up:

  • User Stories to understand what the users wanted to achieve
  • Feature Priorities to help setting priorities down the line
  • User Flows to visualize how users would be using the app

Sketch & Define

In the third phase we focused on visualizing the app through low fi prototypes and sketches.

In this phase, we set up:

  • Low Fidelity Wireframes to validate our ideas with users through 
user testing
  • A Sitemap to set up app navigation

Prototype & Validate

In the final phase we took our tested designs and transformed them into final design products.

We set up:

  • A simple stylesheet to visualize the new color scheme and branding.
  • High Fidelity Designs showcasing the full app in pixel perfect design.

The Results

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