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Rate Broker

The brief

Rate Broker was a startup that had a new idea on how to get a mortgage. We were tasked with helping build their initial brand, developing a digital strategy and creating the User experience.

The who

Three kinds of user
user a) User who can fill out a tender/accept
user b) bank or broker
user c) Administrator who can manage all content of site

The what

A service were customers can put in their details and brokers bid against each to offer them the best mortgage deals possible. We needed to create a brand, a sales website and an admin panel for both brokers and customers.

The why

Currently when you want borrow money either for a house or car you go to your nearest vendor or convenient bank and most like pay market rate. What rate broker will do is change that way of thinking and it’s a free service for the borrower.

Now when you want to borrow money you go on the rate broker site and create a profile and answer 15 or so questions and within minutes a rate broker tender is up. This is a private tender and the lenders can only see your login name until the final lender is chosen.


We created a clean logo that used an arrow icon to represent a bid being put down.


Competitor research

We started by doing competitor research on other similar products to compare the market and get inspiration.

Information hierarchy

We mapped out a clear site map to understand how a user will navigate through the experience.


Low fidelity prototype

We then built a low fidelity prototype to test the design with target users and get further validation. You can see examples of the initial customer dashboard below.


High fidelity designs

Once we had amended our designs based on user feedback we could create pixel perfect high fidelity designs and include the brand look and feel.


Final designs

The final designs were validated with users and passed on for development. We then created sales landing pages to give customers a great user experience that onboarded them to the platform.

The results

The work we did allowed Ratebroker to make a significant impact on the market, they have since been purchased by a larger corporation and are still going strong today.

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