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Race Day Ready: Turbocharging the User Experience at NZ’s Favourite Motorsport Parks

The Results
  • Doubled the conversion of both main raceways
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced staff admin time with new CMS
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The Brief

The Quinn Group approached us seeking assistance to align the user experiences across their racetracks and to comprehend the necessary adjustments required to meet their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Their websites were inundated with information, resulting in navigation difficulties. This, in turn, led to suboptimal online sales and a surge in customer phone inquiries.

The Solution

The solution involved devising a fresh design that seamlessly integrated high-octane videos, photos, and media that cater to thrill-seekers, coupled with detailed infographics for crucial information and a revamped booking system.

This meticulously crafted design system was then customized to suit the individual brand and style of three distinct websites, ensuring a coherent yet tailored experience across all platforms.

View Highlands Website
View Hampton Downs Website


During the discovery phase, we initiated a thorough examination of the two main web experiences by conducting a comprehensive UX audit, followed by refining proto-personas and crafting a new customer journey map. This in-depth analysis enabled us to decipher the challenges and advantages encountered by users, thereby facilitating the customization of a new experience and information architecture. Key activities included:

  1. UX Audit: A comprehensive evaluation of the user experience to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Proto-Persona Creation: Developing provisional personas to represent different user types and understand their needs better.
  3. Customer Journey Map Workshop: A collaborative activity to visualize and map out the entire customer journey, identifying pain points and opportunities for enhancement.


In the define stage, after gaining a clear understanding of the issues that needed addressing, we shifted our focus towards creating a new site map.

We then used low-fidelity wireframes to plan out the design of the new experience across the parks, ready for validation with users.

Prototype & Validate

At Userxd, we place the user at the heart of everything we do, emphasizing a user-centric approach in all our processes.  We crafted low-fidelity prototypes and then subjected them to rigorous user testing with actual customers. This critical step not only enabled us to validate our design decisions but also to empirically substantiate our hypotheses, thereby ensuring that our final designs are not only user-approved but also optimized for the best possible user experience.

Develop & Deliver

In the project's culmination, we brought our design to life by creating high-fidelity screens in Figma, seamlessly transferring them to Webflow for development. The result was a remarkably responsive website, delivering a world-class user experience in line with our client's objectives.

The Results

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“I highly recommend UserXD if you are looking to take your business to the next level. Having user experience at the forefront of your thinking it critical for success..”
Jennifer Kerr
General Manager

Are you ready to power up your results and augment your team with our UX expertise?

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