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Open University Australia

Elevating Education: How We Transformed Open University Australia's Learning Experience

The Results
  • The project got funding for continued growth
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The Brief

We helped Open University Australia redesign their Learning management system and rebrand it to suit several education providers. They had 3 different LMS systems that we helped align and make consistent along with a white label solution for Sydney Tafe.

Project Summary

Open Universities Australia is an online higher education organization based in Australia, we were responsible for the UX strategy and redesign of their Learning management system.


We started by looking at competitors in the same space with similar products to learn from.

User flow and use cases

We spoke in detail with the Tether team to understand who needed to use the product and what features mattered to who. We used high-level and detailed user flows to plan out the experience with feedback from the product team. We organised an information hierarchy based on user goals.


The information hierarchy was subsequently structured in accordance with specific use cases and further refined to create an optimized site map during this stage.

We set up:

  • User Stories to understand what the users wanted to achieve
  • Website map


Once we had user tested our prototype and made design amendments we were ready to move to high fidelity designs and create a design system.

We created different themes for the different Universities that delivered the content and came up with a system that could be skinned for multiple brands.


We then worked with OUAs development team for smooth hand off design assets and detailed user stories and sprint planning.

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