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Queensland Corrections: Charting a New Course in Digital Reform

The Results
  • A new digitised experience
  • Streamlined case management
  • Enhanced offender autonomy and compliance.
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The Brief

UserXD and Optimation Group collaborated to revamp Queensland Corrections Facility's digital experience. Our goal was to enable offenders to self-manage information, attend meetings, and check in via digital kiosks and an app, while allowing case officers to manage activities through an admin dashboard.

The Solution

Our approach was to deliver a seamless and secure digital experience tailored to the unique needs of both offenders and case officers. We developed a comprehensive design system that not only refined the brand but also streamlined the user journey. This included the integration of custom illustrations for intuitive step-by-step guidance on kiosks, and the creation of a user-friendly app that allows case managers to monitor offender locations, ensuring compliance with designated zones.


We began with an immersive discovery phase, engaging with  the staff at Queensland Corrections Facility. Through interviews and observation, we gained valuable insights into the unique challenges and needs of both user groups. Our team conducted thorough analyses of existing digital touchpoints and competitors identifying opportunities to streamline information management and improve engagement through technology.


Armed with data and user feedback, we moved to define the project scope and objectives. This involved mapping out detailed user journeys, and settinging clear, measurable goals. Our strategy centered on simplifying complex processes and enhancing digital interactions, ensuring every touchpoint was optimized for clarity, security, and ease of use.

Develop and Deliver

Development entailed creating a robust design system that encapsulated the brand's values while addressing the functional needs of the digital platform. We worked with our development partner Optimation group to create low code development build that was quick and affordable to get to launch.

Design System

Our design system laid the foundation for a versatile and cohesive digital ecosystem. We developed a comprehensive set of UI components, design tokens, and interaction patterns, ensuring consistency across all digital touchpoints. This system was pivotal in empowering the team to construct a robust interface for both the digital kiosk and the case management app, facilitating a unified and intuitive user experience.

The Results

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It was a refreshing experience. The team was easy to talk to, flexible and approachable. Considering we had tight timelines, Daniel and User XD made sure that there was no compromise on the process, structure and quality of the deliverables.
Sanchit Kaushal
Chief Technology Officer

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